Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movie Reboots

How many reboots will there be in the movie theatres? This is the generation of unoriginal movies. We get recession and rehash. Yippee, thanks a ton. Think we need to do something. Thank God Dave Eggers is getting his hat into the ring; someone willing to use his brain and ours. Not to mention his charity. But why work hard on a good story when Hollywood can ruin something already good? Like Chris Pine will be the 4th actor to be Jack Ryan in one of the Tom Clany novels going to screen. That's a 4th reboot. 4th times a charm?!
Though I like some reboots, like the aforementioned Pine's Star Trek and I feel certain I'll like Where the Wild Things Are & The Crazies but with movies like all the crappy Transformers flicks and even the Nightmare on Elm Street coming, I can't help but feel alittle insulted. Our over stimulated minds, high on video games and Code Red and Facebook can't take an original idea that might make us think? Try us dammit...
Ryan Sherwood

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Though I'm not the first to say this, Max Brooks' World War Z was a great book. Great snippets of entrenched people fighting for their lives and of course, zombies. I really enjoyed the audio version of it too.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ayn Rand idiots

Blaming the crap economy on Ayn Rand.
I've been hearing for some time about the Ayn Rand school of thought being the downfall of our economy and the reason we're in our current state. The individualism that she touted (from what I remember) has supposedly translated into selfishness and greediness. Now, I'm no Ayn Rand fan but how idiotic are we all to bow and distort her message into greed. Like we need her as an excuse! When the hell did good old fashioned greed for money and power become Ayn Rand's? Those are thousands of years older than her. And please, let's not give her the credit when it's not due. She wrote fiction. Society let alone philosophy owes her squat. Understand it's in our human nature to have self interest. Need it to live. You know this inherently without Ayn or me.
Plus, if you grew up idoilizing Ayn Rand after reading her books in high school, you have your own issues.
I wonder what Ayn would say...I'm almost certain it wouldn't be what these two over educated spaz's are saying: